Well folks, the time has finally arrived: Actual footage from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is now online! It goes by pretty fast, though, so quick even I had to watch it again to pinpoint exactly which footage was from Phoenix. Now, I already told you how the brand spanking new Potter trailer will play before prints of Happy Feet this weekend, and we were hoping said trailer would leak online before then. However, it appears this is all we are going to get for now -- supposedly, the trailer will debut online at some point next week.

The footage was posted onto YouTube and it looks like it's part of some sort of promo ABC Family is running where they'll be airing the first three Potter films, as well as giving us a sneak peak at the new flick. The clips they do show will also be included in the new trailer, and HPANA has described the snippets in detail for those of you who (like me) missed them entirely. Also, Coming Soon has provided us with satellite coordinates for the teaser trailer -- call me a moron, but I have no idea what we're supposed to do with that information. Check it out up top, then come back here and tell us what you think.

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