Some stories live for theatre, and some don't. This summer, Martin Short danced around the stage in Toronto with his "one man" (and many ensemble actors) show. While parts were funny, the pieces that really stuck out were those that have already been captured on film. Not having terrible turmoil to sing about, Short created a deus ex machina to bring his story together. Perhaps that is what humor needs to really thrive -- something negative to find the levity in. Would Meet the Parents be funny if it wasn't so tragic? What about all of the black comedy that thrives?

Well, where Short failed to create the drama, Carrie Fisheralmost drowns in it. The actress has had a life that makes some tragic celebrities seem weak and whining. While she started off tragically lucky, Fisher's Hollywood family and fortune deteriorated into nothing. With Star Wars and her success as an author came much loss -- drug addiction, bi-polar disorder, divorce, miscarriage and visiting death.

Although the draw of her name, and the obstacles she's faced, fuels the piece, what is truly compelling is the show as an instrument of healing. It seems that Princes Leia is using the stage to work through her pain and firmly plant her feet on the ground. Perhaps Wishful Drinking will be Fisher's step from biographical theater to chilling cinematic drama. While sometimes directors find a way to make tragic stories come alive, I'd like to see what Fisher could do with her story on film. Would the attempt be self-indulgent, or a true dramatic portrayal?

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