There was a time when Frank Miller was considered one of the most cantankerous, irritable, and curmudgeonly old men in the entertainment business. Who knows, he still may be. Miller often cursed the failures of the movie industry, and was notably guarded about letting movie studios get anywhere near his beloved graphic novels. Miller is certainly one of the best and most well-loved creators in the comic book industry, and although his titles were oft sought after by various directors, producers, and actors, it took the persuasion and talent of Robert Rodriguez to break through Miller's guard and bring the famous Sin Cityto the movies. And it was glorious, in both film quality and faithfulness to the pages. Miller was ecstatic, and the movie-going public loved it, leading to sequel announcements and Zack Snyder's sure to be delightful adaptation of Miller's 300.

And it seems like Frank Miller can't get enough. In a recent interview, Miller talked about the list of possibilities he has ready. If he had his choice, the very black comedy Hard Boiled would be adapted to film, because Miller believes the project is "extraordinarily visual." He'd also like to turn the ambitious Give Me Liberty into a film, but acknowledges he'd really have to find the perfect actress to pull it off.

So do more of Miller's films have a chance at hitting the theaters? You bet they do, particularly if 300 performs as well as expected. Miller's projects come with a built-in fan base, are story-driven and unique, and offer plenty of room for studios to play around with stunning visuals. Combine these factors with a proven record of success (again, presuming 300 does well) and you've got a recipe many studios would be eager to nab. Which Miller project do you want to see on screen next?
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