Mooove over James Bond, yet another legendary heartthrob is looking to take over the country ... and he's bringing a cow along with him. Last month we told you how David Lynch was planning to distribute Inland Empire himself, after he went and purchased the rights from the film's producer, StudioCanal. Now, it looks like we're finally getting some details and it appears they involve Lynch going on a 10-city tour in January. Joining Lynch on tour will be pianist Marek Zebrowski (who will play what's described as "Polish night music" from the film) and his good friend Mr. Cow -- ya know, the one that was standing next to him last week when he plopped himself down on Hollywood Boulevard with a sign promoting Laura Dern's performance in the pic.

The bizarre marketing technique was so effective (check out some video from the event) that he's now bringing it to a host of other cities which, I assume, will include New York. Just picturing Lynch in the middle of Times Square alongside a pianist and a cow is already conjuring up hilarious images inside my head. As far as the actual film goes, Inland Empire will debut next month in Los Angeles, Pasadena, New York and Boston (sorry Jette, but Austin was not on the list ... yet). However, for those who do not get a chance to see it, Lynch signed a deal with Rhino Entertainment to release the DVD this summer with a bunch of bonus footage. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have a commentary track so I can finally understand what the hell was going on in that flick (feel free to check out my best attempt at a review of Inland Empire back when it screened at NYFF). No word yet on which cities will be involved in the promotion, but we'll definitely let you know as soon as more info is available.

Oh, and if Laura Dern actually gets a nomination out of all this, then Lynch is officially a genius.

UPDATE: Inland Empire will open in New York City at the IFC Center on December 6 and run for two weeks only, ending December 19.

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