I don't really get the whole Madea thing, and therefore I haven't been able to appreciate the films of Tyler Perry. But, that is understandable, and perfectly fine with me. Perry's films aren't made for me. They aren't made for any white critics, really. Enough people like Perry and his cross-dressed performance as Madea to have made his previous two films, Diary of a Mad Black Woman (directed by Darren Grant) and Madea's Family Reunion, huge successes at the box office. Enough people like him to give him an award for best actor (albeit from Business Week). And, finally, enough people like Perry to keep him employed by Lionsgate Films.

Lionsgate distributed both of Perry's Madea features and it will also release the writer-director's latest, Daddy's Little Girls, on Valentine's Day, 2007. Although neither Perry nor his Madea character appear in the new film, Lionsgate isn't waiting to see if audiences mind. The studio has announced that it will hold on to Perry for two more films, both of which go into production next year. The first is called Why Did I Get Married and deals with the pros and cons of marriage. Based on one of Perry's stage plays (like the Madea films), it starts shooting in January. The second, A Jazz Man's Blues, tells the story about a jazz singer on his way toward stardom who has to return to his rural hometown to save a woman he had an affair with.
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