OK, movie marketing has officially gone retarded. I completely understand why movie nuts get all excited for the newest posters, trailers and plot synopses, but we've moved into an age in which we get press releases about promotional clips for cryin' out loud! ("Tune in next week for a piece of EPK material!!") It's almost as if the selling of the movie is more important than the quality of the... oh wait, did I say almost? My bad.

So what's the lastest bit of marketing madness that's spun me into such a dorky dither? Well, Warner Bros. just released atrailer clipfor Harry Potter and the Organ of the Codex (or something like that), but it's not even a full trailer! It's only 10 seconds long! It's a teaser FOR a trailer! Pretty soon we'll get movie titles that are announced one syllable per month. What's next, is Quicktime going to charge me 50 cents to watch the full trailer once it's released? (Note to WB: If you go through with the pay-per-trailer scenario, you owe me $3.2 million.)

The new clip swept by so quickly, all I had time to think about was "Wow, Harry looks older" before I caught a glimpse of Alan Rickman and that girl who plays Hermoine -- who, mind you, is (definitely) still too young to be considered aesthetically attractive. (In print, anyway.)

Harry Potter and the Opal of France opens July 13. Start planning your costumes now.

[Special note: This rant represents my court-appointed Harry Potter post for the month of November. Erik said it was mandatory, which I believe is the direct opposite of voluntary.]

UPDATE: The first official full-length trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will debut this Monday at 3PM EST, and can only be viewed on HappyFeetmovie.com -- even though the film Happy Feet has nothing to do with Harry Potter. Coming Soon has also nabbed ten new photos from the pic. Enjoy!

[via AICN]

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