A small but very interesting rumor popped up over at the Moviehole mailbag, in response to a reader's question about Bryan Singer'sSuperman sequel. Since the early days of Supes sequel news, we've been led to believe the sequel would feature the proud cinematic return of one of the franchise's most beloved villains -- Zod. Naturally, the thought excites most Superman fans, and it makes sense because he's one of the characters which transcends the comic pages and is familiar to most of the general public due to his previous film appearance. Mailbag Clint, however, has a different story for us.

Keep in mind, this was dropped in a one line answer with no real sources cited, so get your big old grain of salt handy before you react, okay? He claims the next major villain to challenge Brandon Routh's Superman will be none other than Brainiac. Brainiac, in one form or another, is a long established character in the DC universe, and a favorite of your faithful Geek Beat writer (insofar as I pay attention to DC Comics, that is). But is Brainiac a strong enough villain to carry a major motion picture? I think so, but my opinions are notably skewed by my fanboy nature. What say you, good readers?
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