So now we know: It could have been a sequel, it could have been a mini-series, but it looks like the newest version of The Thing will come in the form of, yep, another remake. But hey, before you get all persnickety and dismissive, let's all remember that John Carpenter'sThe Thing (arguably one of the very finest pieces of horror/sci-fi of the past 30 years) was itself a remake of Howard Hawks' and Christian Nyby's 1951 classic The Thing from Another World. The reason they both still hold up these days? Both teams of filmmakers took a decidedly different approach to the source material, John Campbell's story Who Goes There?

We don't yet know who'll be directing this new Thing for Universal and Strike Entertainment, but a screenwriter has been announced. Currently quite lauded for his work on the cult-tastic Battlestar Galactica, Ronald D. Moore has his name stamped on a whole host of sci-fi-style products, including Roswell and about a half-dozendifferentStarTrekproductions. (Plus he just delivered the script for an I, Robot sequel.)

So let the cyber-rattling begin: Someone's about to make a third move called The Thing, and everyone will gripe about without stopping to realize that it's not remakes we should fear, but cheap, lazy filmmaking. So far I'm not seeing any nasty harbingers attached to this particular project, but I'll be sure to throw out some opinions if I notice any.

(Please lord keep Stephen Sommers away from this set.)
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