What is hot today is gone tomorrow. However, sometimes a cult following will ensure some extra love, as is evident with Ash, his Evil Dead, and his Army of Darkness. The loyal Raimi/Campbell following allowed for the creation of a game, too many DVD re-releases, and a musical. Yet no one has dared to try to replace Ash on film -- Bruce Campbell is too epically cheesy. The same cannot be said for 1979's The Warriors, which also has a video game and following. The actors were unknowns -- with no Snake Plissken among the bunch.

Last year, Jette Kernion covered the release of a "Lucased" Warriors DVD, with added unnecessary effects, wishing that the rumours of a Tony Scott re-do wouldn't happen. It seems that Jette won't get her wish, and the film will not remain Scott-free. IGN recently talked with the director, who confirmed his plans for a re-make.

Scott is ready to up the ante for the film. Where the original had a few gang members, he wants thousands, and not hordes of extras or CG'd heads. He's currently schmoozing with gangs to get real members on-screen. Oh, and he's also moving the story from New York to LA. Why bother adapting the story from another film? It's refreshing to hear that he'd rather shoot it himself than do a shot-by-shot remake, but will enough of the story survive to actually call it a re-make?

Maybe I'll just wait for the musical. I can see it now -- Rent meets West Side Story!

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