Ahmet is my kind of Zappa. As much as I admire Frank's music, his son is the one with the "it." As a member of the Zappa clan, it's almost a pre-requisite to be zany and down-to-earth, but Ahmet always seemed the most accessible. From his long-haired grunge days in Pump up the Volume, to his bald, shiny head dancing away with his dog on TV, he intrigued me. Hell, he even makes Dweezil interesting, adding spark to Zappa shows and having done one hell of a Jessie's Girl cover for Peavey.

Although I was a bit disappointed that he married a stick, I was happy to hear that he published his first book, a zany children's book at that! Last year, Martha Fischer reported that Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless got in a bidding war before being published, and was picked up by Walt Disney Pictures and Bruckheimer Films. A year later, the project has a screenwriter. While I'm a bit disappointed that Ahmet won't be adapting his work, I'm happy with the choice of Tim Firth, whose most recent screenplay was the entertaining Kinky Boots.

Hopefully Firth will have fun with the story, which centers on Minerva and Max McFearless, kids within a family of monster-hunters. Although their widowed father tries to keep them from knowing their calling, they discover Ms. Monstranomicon, a monster-fighting manual who is also a monster. Even better -- Minerva is fluent in "Monstrosity," the secret monster language. While the book is an amalgam of many others, Zappa's voice is fresh, and I'm damned anxious to see it come to life.

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