My main interest in David Fincher's films is the cinematography. The director's vision is pretty stylized, and he tends to use the best of the best DP's in order to get that vision on the screen. I'd personally like to see him work with Darius Khondji again (he shot both Se7en and Panic Room), but I'm pretty excited with his choice to work with Harry Savides for his latest thriller, Zodiac. Anyway, the trailer for the new film has just gone up on Yahoo! Australia and I'm happy to say it looks really good. And I mean looks. Not just the cinematography, but also the production design, too. As for the film itself, I'm not too sure. I just can't get into Jake Gyllenhaal as a serious actor after Brokeback Mountain, even if he was amazing in his less-appreciated but better film Jarhead. Oh, and I'm not that crazy about Chlöe Sevigny these days, either.

My personal, cynical opinions aside, Zodiacreceived a mixed reception from AICN contributors last month, and the less favorable comments have me hesitant with my anticipation. At least it has to be better than Alexander Bulkley's recent version of the story, right? Fincher's film doesn't have Rory Culkin, for instance. It has Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr. I guess, I'll just have to wait until March to see for myself.

As for Fincher's next film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I hope the director knows what he's doing with newbie DP Claudio Miranda.

For another glimpse at Zodiac, check out Apple's short on the film's editing process here.
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