You know that really sexy actress who played a lesbian in Bound and a stripper in Showgirls? Yeah, Gina Gershon, right. Well, did you also know that Gina and her brother Dann just wrote a kid-friendly horror book called Camp Creepy Time? Yep, they did. And guess what? DreamWorks bought it to make a movie version! And here's the best part: They hired a really solid screenwriter to bang out the adaptation.

According to reliable sources, Camp Creepy Time (which won't hit bookstores until May) is about a young boy who discovers that what oughtta be an idyllic summer camp -- is actually a haven for aliens who love nothing more than turning human children into hideous monsters and shipping them across the cosmos as exhibits for interstellar zoos. Nifty! (That sound you're currently hearing is the clackity-clack of the Gershon siblings working on the sequel.)

Turning the as-yet-unpublished book into screenplay form will be Richard LaGravenese, whom astute movie fans will fondly remember as the guy who wrote The Fisher King, The Ref and A Little Princess. His previous page-to-screen adaptations also include The Bridges of Madison County, Unstrung Heroes and The Horse Whisperer. (Plus his very first screenplay was Rude Awakening, and I think that movie is pretty funny.)

Anyway, yeah: summer camp, aliens and monsters. I smell a smash hit as I sit here kicking myself for not hatching this concept five years ago.

[Thanks to Variety for the news and the pic.]
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