Though I miss the days when his films were downright freaky, my ears always perk up at the mention of a new David Cronenberg movie. His latest effort Eastern Promises has been mentioned here on Cinematical before (click here and here for previous reports), but at long last it's set to begin production next week in London. The director will be re-teaming with Viggo Mortensen, star of Cronenberg's A History of Violence, and Peter Jackson's film adaptation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. According to Coming Soon, Mortensen will play Nikolai, a man with ties to organized crime in London. He crosses paths with a midwife named Anna, played by Naomi Watts, who accidentally discovers evidence against the mob. The screenplay is by Steven Knight, who received an Oscar-nomination for his Dirty Pretty Things screenplay. Based on this description, Mortensen's character sounds similar to the one he played in A History of Violence, so it will be interesting to see what he and Cronenberg do to make this character different. Joining Mortensen and Watts will be Vincent Cassel, Armin Mueller-Stahl (who received and Oscar nomination for his role in Shine), Sinead Cusack, Donald Sumpter, and filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski.

Cronenberg first made a name for himself with several bizarre and distinctive films that can best be described as Cronenbergian; his style is uniquely his own. Some like Rabid,Scanners andThe Flyare horror and/or science fiction films, while Naked Lunch and Videodrome aren't nearly as easy to classify. His more recent works, like the aforementioned A History of Violence, are generally more subtle, but just as dark as anything he's done before. Based on Cronenberg's previous work, Eastern Promises shows -- dare I say it -- a lot of promise.
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