I've never been able to completely wrap my head around how I feel about Patrick Swayze. While I've enjoyed some of his movies, he hasn't garnered extra attention from me. Sure, I used to watch Dirty Dan cing just for the side-shot of his posterior, and oooh over Orry Main, but when the film stopped rolling, I wouldn't wax philosophic about him or his acting. Perhaps this is because he seems to merge a little romantic swooning with well-moving hips and a little too much Disney cheer. Not even time in the Roadhouse or as a motivational pedophile could roughen his presence; it takes more than beard growth to be bad.

Now he's performing in Guys and Dolls, and is all sorts of smitten with London . When an actor starts planning to relocate to the UK, what's more logical than getting grand, 007 daydreams? According to Starpulse, Swayze wants a role in the next James Bond movie. Watch out, Dan iel Craig, Swayze's out to get ya!

While he seems to realize that he wouldn't work as Bond, Swayze wants to put his "terribly good English accent" to villainous use. While I'm sure he could hold his own with a tacky re-make, being a gritty villain seems a bit off-base. Craig has an action background and was still met with apprehension and criticism. Could Swayze be a devious bad guy? As Craig seems to slowly be warming the hearts of Bond naysayers, the door is open for further Bond casting surprises. What casting choice would you make that would seem all wrong, but be so very right?

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