There's no stopping Justin Timberlake these days, even though I feel the man is destined to star in one bad film after another. Some might call it a curse, while others feel it's more along the lines of "take what you can get." Kind of like back in the day when you were younger and really wanted a brand new bike. You looked forward to that bike. Dreamt about it, drew pictures of it in your school notebook. And, even though you were fourteen, a letter to Santa couldn't hurt. However, since your family hated you and never wanted to see you happy, I had to settle for some piece of crap the neighbor left on the curb when they skipped town. Damn you mom and dad! But, anyway ... Alpha Dog is supposed to come out sometime in the next four years. So there's that.

And Moviehole reports that Timberlake has landed yet another role, this time he will star alongside folks like Dennis Quaid, James Caan and that dude from Pimp My Ride -- I think his name is Prohibit or Xzibit ... something like that. The name of the film is True Players, and unfortunately I couldn't find any other details on it. I assume it will be some sort of con-artist flick judging by the title and the actors involved. If that's the case, it will be nice to see Quaid jump back into a more exciting role after watching him play schlub after schlub in films like Yours, Mine and Ours, In Good Company and Far from Heaven. Granted, there's the obligatory action film thrown in from time to time, but don't you wanna see the guy play a real slickster? Remember Innerspace and Great Balls of Fire? Yeah, give us another one of those performances, Quaid. As far as Timberlake goes, he's got Alpha Dog coming out on January 27 followed by Black Snake Moan on February 23. My fingers are triple crossed, as I imagine yours are too.

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