I just smiled when I read about this one. It reminded me of the good old days when drive-ins across America would book unapologetic European knock-offs of successful American films. Obviously someone saw Snakes on a Plane and said, "Great idea, but you know what it needs? Zombies!" And thus, Plane Dead was born.

A renegade scientist on the run from the CIA sneaks a cadaver aboard a 747 (but God forbid you should have any liquids in your carry-on). The corpse is infected with a bio-weapon designed to keep soldiers fighting even after death. When the plane runs into a severe storm, the cadaver escapes, starts chowing down on passengers, and spreads the zombie plague to his victims. Plane Dead does not have the distinction of being the first Snakes on a Plane knock-off; that dubious honor belongs to Snakes on a Train, which Cinematical's Scott Weinberg reported on back in August. For my money, though, Plane Dead has the better premise. You can watch the trailer and check out some stills at the movie's official website.

As reported by Fangoria, Plane Dead's cheesy/cool poster was recently unveiled at the American Film Market. You can see a larger image of the poster here. Apparently the film's sales screenings at the AFM were well received and Fangoria predicts the film will have a domestic distributor shortly. I really don't see this getting more than a token theatrical release, if that, before heading to DVD. Plane Dead looks like the type of film best viewed in a living room with a few friends and several beers, or better yet, during a trans-continental flight.