Is there anyone reading who wasn't aware that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were just married in Italy? If so, I envy your imperviousness to celebrity news. The rest of us have been hearing all week about possible locations for the wedding, who was or was not on the guest list, what the ceremony might be like, what they've been wearing around town ... and other speculation that is not really suitable for polite discussion. I believe I have heard more about their wedding than some of my relatives' ceremonies. No clear and interesting photos are yet available from the big event, so you'll just have to imagine what happened and how everyone looked ... if you're that interested.

After much scouring of websites, desperate for gossip and news not related to the couple, I did manage to find a few items of interest:
  • One related item: Defamer took a close look at the "For Your Consideration" ad for Thank You For Smoking and notes that a single cast member is absent from the list: Katie Holmes. Later, they learned that Holmes may have pulled herself from consideration.
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