Kevin Smith's professional trajectory can be seen from many angles. For example, there are his challenges in the professional world -- from troublesome studio involvement in Mallrats to the lethal sting of bad publicity for Jersey Girl. However, what is more noticeable is his struggle to include his mature life with the humor and fart jokes of his past success. As Smith became a family man and Jason Mewes got off drugs, his scope changed, and his films just don't work like they used to.

Perhaps his cinema struggle is why he's put an increasing amount of attention into television. He's not only fulfilled his dream of being on Degrassi, but he also joined Joss Whedon as praising fan and guest star of Veronica Mars. But even still, a guest appearance is just a brief foray, a weekend vacation. Now Smith actually has a starring television role, one he hopes will teach him something about acting.

The show is Manchild, a BBC adaptation that might ring bells as the show Anthony Head joined towards the end of his stint as Rupert Giles on Buffy. As Smith has said on his website, he'll act alongside "real, honest-to-goodness actors," most notably John Corbett. I often find it jarring when new actors face old pros, so only time will tell if that will be his kiss of death or a positive influence. What do you all think? Will Smith's new job give him the insight to improve the films of his future, or should he stick to directing his friends and occasional philosophical bursts?

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