Two members from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe are looking to go where plenty of people have gone before (storywise) with their latest spec script, Funny Fat Guy, which Warner Bros. has just picked up. Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme wrote the spec, while Heffernan is currently attached to star. However, while the two are known for being Lizards, Fat Guy will not be an official Broken Lizard-penned project. Oh drats -- after all, everyone knows how much I absolutely love all those Lizard flicks. Comedy gold, I tell ya.

Plot will revolve around your stereotypical funny fat guy (basically me in college) -- ya know, the guy who tells the best jokes, party's hard and always has your back. A great friend. A great teammate. Yet, the kind of dude who has the worst luck when it comes to the opposite sex. So, if you've seen films like Can't Buy Me Love or She's All That, then you know exactly where this one is heading -- at some point, the funny fat guy wants to transform himself into a ladies man ... but, I assume, with a Broken Lizard twist. Warner Bros. is all about The Lizard, as Heffernan is also set to star in The Baby Maker (Lizard-produced) for Warners and the troupe has Nutcraker, Ambulance Chasers and Take My Wife all set up at the studio.

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