One of my favorite movies of this year is Guillermo del Toro's amazing Pan's Labyrinth, a dark fable about a little girl trapped in a desperate situation, who seeks refuge in a fantasy world that may be more dangerous than the one she leaves behind. When James Rocchi interviewed del Toro for Cinematical, the great director very graciously allowed us a peek inside his notebooks for Pan's Labyrinth. Now The Guardian has an even better look at what lies on some of those pages. Take a peek inside the mind of a master at work -- some day, these notebooks are probably going to sell for a small fortune to some collector, but for now, you can peruse them to your heart's content.

Pan's Labyrinth opens in the US December 29; it's definitely on my Top Five list of the year, and looking through del Toro's notebooks and seeing how it all came together just gives me a warm-and-fuzzy film-geek feeling inside. Go and enjoy, consider it an early Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Insert holiday of your choice gift from del Toro and The Guardian to you.

[via Movie City News ]