Is there much clout in Hollywood from being a member of an honest-to-goodness Hollywood dynasty? These days, I doubt the average Drew Barrymore fan really cares about her grandpa John. Anjelica Huston was the daughter of director John Huston (The African Queen) who was something of an icon in the industry. She might of have* started out in his shadow but Anjelica has had a distinguished acting career and directed two feature films. Both projects were pretty low-key, (Bastard Out of Carolina, Agnes Browne) but she must have enjoyed herself because she's back behind the camera to direct the comedy-drama Give Us a Kiss.

BBC Film news reports that Huston has signed to direct the film adaptation of Daniel Woodrell's novel of the same name. Woodrell's novel is described as a "Country Noir", with most of the action taking place in the Ozark mountain range. The story centers on a crime novelist and his underachieving brother who become tangled up in a drug deal gone awry. Angus MacLachlan, who also wrote Junebug, is adapting the novel for the screen. There have yet to be any casting announcements, but I would think Anjelica's name should be enough to draw in the talent.

*Thanks to hot Grammar Police-tipster "brian" for pointing out our rather egregious error.
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