Even though his days of playing the super-suave agent 007 in the Bond movies are over, Pierce Brosnan doesn't seem to want to put playing a spy behind him just yet. According to a recent article in the Hollywood Reporter, Brosnan is getting back into the spy game by signing up for the comedy Spy vs. Stu for New Line. Brosnan will also produce the film through his Irish Dream production company with New Line's Richard Brenner and Jeff Katz.

The film, scripted by Keith Mitchell and Allie Dvorin, concerns Stu, a commitment-phobe who brings his girlfriend to an island paradise in order to gain the courage to finally propose to her. Unfortunately for Stu, a handsome, debonair spy, fresh from saving the world (Brosnan), is also on the island and takes a liking to Stu's girlfriend. After that, Stu is forced to compete with the spy for the love of his girlfriend. Maybe its just me or does this plot kinda sound like the movie Mrs. Doubtfire -- a film in which Brosnan also starred as a super-suave guy (named Stu, btw) trying to take another man's woman?
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