Film Threat's Frigid 50 is back. Last year, the list was topped by everyone's favorite Scientologists Tom and Katie. (Wait ... Is she one yet?) Luckily they've saturated the press so much lately with their wedding shenanigans that they remain on the list, just bumped down a few to number 10. The top spot goes to the natural choice – Scottish-hero-turned-anti-Semitic-raving-drunk -- Mel Gibson. It'd be tough to beat the man who, in one night, managed to offend a religion, be a slimy misogynist and drive while drunk.

While I don't think anyone could surpass Mel's 2006 flubs, the list holds some expected names as well as a few shockers. Although Jennifer Aniston is a surprise in the number two spot, her appearance on the list isn't as surprising as her follower, Borat. Beyond that quirky Kazakhstanian creation rests wild girl Lindsay Lohan, whose spot is extra-specially detailed with Eddie Murphy lyrics. Finishing off the top five is the lackadaisical tax payer, Wesley Snipes.

Unfortunately, the likes of Gibson-sympathetic Patrick Swayze and Lady in the Water survivor Paul Giamatti will have to try harder to get further up on the list. But even their showings at 49 and 50 were topped by Colin Farrell, who got a special icy place of 51 for acting in numerous bombs yet still having the money and media.

Go take a look.Did they miss anyone?

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