Okay, someone somewhere has to be a bit ticked off at Eva Green. With each interview the girl does for Casino Royale, she spills a bunch of details regarding casting and plot for some of her other films. Case in point: She told the French magazine Studio that Eric Bana, Kevin Bacon and John Hurt have joined Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in The Golden Compass. Just the fact that Eva Green is telling us this and not, say, The Hollywood Reporter, means it's probably something the folks behind Compass don't want sailing around ... yet. The Chris Weitz-directed film is currently in production (check outsome photos) and its scheduled to slide into theaters December 7, 2007.

Oh, but we're not done with Ms. Green yet -- the gal is determined to spoil the next Bond film (currently titled Bond 22) and seems to tell us something new each and every time she opens up her mouth. Last time she talked up Bond 22, the girl unveiled some pretty big spoilers, as well as more of the plot -- which will revolve around "a dark secret of Vespers involving her lover being tortured, leading Bond to his next mission." Now, she tells EW who the next Bond villain will be: "The plan is, the Algerian boyfriend is going to be the baddie in the second Bond ..." Apparently (and I have not seen Royale yet, so correct me if I'm wrong), but at one point Vesper mentions this Algerian ex-boyfriend that she has. While she's at it, maybe next week Eva Green can tell us the cure for world peace. Stay tuned, Cinematical is attempting to record all of her future conversations ... [via Cinema Blend]

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