Is it just me, or did you feel as if Casino Royale's release was a holiday in and of itself? Perhaps it felt that way because of our non-stop Bond coverage, but -- sheesh -- I'm wiped out. With Bond Day out of the way, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. And, when people start mentioning Thanksgiving, you know what that means -- the Holiday season (complete with decorated store windows, giant trees and a slew of references to some fat, bearded guy from the North Pole) is officially in full swing. While I absolutely hate shopping and spending money, I love eating -- and so Thanksgiving is one of those holidays I truly look forward to. Football, food and sleep ... does it get any better than that?

Thanksgiving is also about being thankful for stuff. Like, this year, I'm thankful I didn't accidentally fall off the roof of a building. Since this is a film-related site, there has to be a ton of things (yes, film-related) that you're thankful for this year. Are you thankful Bryan Singer didn't ruin the Superman franchise? For some odd reason, are you thankful Peter Jackson will not be directing The Hobbit? Perhaps you're thankful Daniel Craig played a sweet ass Bond and proved all those naysayers wrong? Personally, I'm thankful for films like Little Miss Sunshine -- a flick that snuck into a summer packed with blockbusters and somehow managed to brighten up my life. I'm also thankful that it's now so much easier for a young aspiring filmmaker to follow their dreams -- to make a film and find an audience.

So, I ask you: What are you film geeks thankful for this year?

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