Out of the Blue, a dramatization of the1990 Aramoana Massacre in New Zealand, when local resident David Gray went on a mad rampage, killing 13 people, including four children, in the small coastal town where he'd lived his whole life, was one of the most riveting films at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was one of those films I hadn't planned to see, but decided to work into my viewing schedule; fortunately, it proved not to be time wasted, as the film is taut, tense and nerve-wracking, while at the same time managing to be respectful toward the victims and the people of Aramoana.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who liked this film; the ever-wily Weinsteins have picked up Out of the Blue in a co-acquisition deal with IFC. The film will have theatrical and video-on demand distrib through IFC's First Take and DVD release through Genius products. Out of the Blue is tentatively scheduled to come out in May; we'll keep our ear close to the ground and keep you updated.