• Bettye Ackerman(1928-2006) - Actress who appeared in Ted and Venus, Rascal and the straight-to-DVD sequel Prehysteria! 2. She died of Alzheimer's disease November 1, in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Timothea Beckerman(1951-2006) - New Orleans-based R&B singer who appeared in Jim Jarmusch's Down by Law. She died of complications from hepatitis C November 14, in New York.
  • Ruth Brown(1928-2006) - R&B singer who played "Motormouth Maybelle" in John Waters' Hairspray and also appeared in Under the Rainbow, True Identity and the recent documentary Lightning in a Bottle. She had just recorded music for John Sayles' next film, Honeydripper, and was set to play a part in the film, as well. Tragically, she became ill and could not show up to the Alabama film set. She had surgery last month, but suffered a heart attack and a stroke afterward, keeping her on life support from October 29 until her passing on November 18. She died in Las Vegas.
  • Daryl Duke(1929-2006) - Director of Tai-Pan, The Silent Partner and Payday (1975). He died of pulmonary fibrosis October 21, in West Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Francis Girod(1944-2006) - French filmmaker (pictured) who made La Banquière (The Woman Banker), Le Bon Plaisir and The Elegant Criminal. He died Sunday morning of a heart attack, in Bordeaux, France.
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