The whole of the internet trembles before the cleverly animated goodness of -- or it should, anyway. After bursting onto the "omg watch this video!" radar with their irrepressably adorable This Land, the JJ guys found a few cool successes in other areas (I think I saw some JibJab videos at Sundance one year!) but then popped back up with a few great follow-ups: 2-0-5 is another fine ribbing our of current president, while Big Box Mart encapsulates the Walmart/Targetizaton of our planet in exceedingly witty fashion. Plus I just love the animation style.

Not too long ago JibJab held a competition called The Great Sketch Experiment, and along with several young comedians and one well-known director (John Landis) headed out to make with the funny. You can see all the mini-flicks right here (and they're all pretty solid), but we're here to talk about the winner...

Shashank in a Minute is everyone's favorite prison movie done in (goofy) rap form. The comedy troupe Famous Last Nerds took the wonderfully-adored Frank Darabont film and gave it a funky (yet entirely silly) new spin. Plus they cover the bare basics of the plot in about two full minutes while doing all they can to give comedy rap a good name. Funny, clever stuff. Give it a look.
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