I'm not really sure what brings crossovers like this about, but then I'm not the most aware guy in the world when it comes to corporate synergy and whatnot. I have seen In Good Company, though, which has to count for something. At any rate, MTV has again snagged itself an interesting movie promotion which you can see today (Monday, if you didn't notice the date stamp on this post) on TRL. Okay, two interesting movie promotions. If you tune in, you'll be able to catch a sneak peek at Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer and a special appearance by Hugh Jackman to talk up his new movie, The Fountain.

If you're an MTV fan and a geek movie fan, I imagine this is something you'd find interesting. The rest of us will probably take the cheater's way out and wait for the "sneak peek" to show up on the internet sometime tonight or tomorrow. I don't know if events like this end up driving up ratings for TV channels or not, because I just can't see a bunch of Marvel nerds camping out on MTV waiting for a few minutes of movie clips. We're talking about geeks, after all. The internet is our home, and we are nerdy enough to camp out on a website waiting for a few minutes of movie clips. Don't even ask me about the Spider-Man 3 trailer.
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