Hey ladies, are you sick and tired of your man's beer-gut? To humor you, does he attempt to try different diets, only to fail miserably after only one day? Have you thought about offering up a reward -- some sort of incentive that will get him to lose the weight? Might I suggest tickets to a football game, a new Special Edition DVD or -- I got it -- how about one night with a hooker? You think I'm joking, but that's the premise of The High-Impact Infidelity Diet, a book that was just picked up by Warner Bros. to be adapted into a feature film.

Mickey Birnbaum has been hired to pen the script, which will based off the book written by Eric Pfeffinger and Lou Harry. Plot centers around three overweight men whose wives offer up a night with a prostitute as motivation to lose the weight. (Yeah, that's something my wife would agree to if, ya know, a gun was put to her head. Even then, I'm sure she'd rather watch me swim in a pool of fat each morning then live with the thought of some skanky hooker shacking up with yours truly.) Birnbaum was the original writer on Used Guys -- the pic (which had Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey attached to star) was ultimately shelved over "budgetary concerns." Says Birnbaum about Infidelity Diet, "This looks at the dieting industry through the eyes of men when you usually see it through the eyes of women." It sounds fun, but who do you cast as the three fat men? Do you pick three well-known actors and throw them in fat suits? Or do you just ask Vince Vaughn to put on another ten pounds? (Oh wait, Vaughn isn't cast in this ... yet)

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