I know, I know. Rumors about Twin Peaks have been circling forever. Fans are still fighting to see the cut footage from Fire Walk With Me. According to the myspace site devoted to the deleted footage, a whole mess of characters are said to have filmed scenes that never saw the light of day. How different would the film have been with the rough drawl of Jack Nance as Pete Martel or the creepiness of Richard Beymer as Benjamin Horne?

Although the series and film have been done for a while, little nods and blips hit the surface now and then. I still rue missing Russ Tamblyn playing "Dr. Jacoby" while his daughter, Amber, was on GeneralHospital. Now, there is the tiniest morsel of hope, which is more likely a taunt to the fragile ego of fans rather than a valid news bit. Moviehole has reported that dugpa.com, a Lynch/Twin Peaks site, got wind of some hopeful words from Catherine Coulson, The Log Lady and one of Lynch's long-time cinematic consorts.

During a public appearance, Dugpa reports that Coulson said the world of Twin Peaks is "absolutely not closed." She had asked Lynch if they were done with Twin Peaks, and he replied that there were still stories to be told. I realize that it's almost nothing. Yet, considering that time is ticking away on the movie DVD, so much is possible. Will the Black Lodge make its way back to television or the big screen? Or maybe it just means that all the deleted goodies will be here soon.

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