"Jack gets up. Takes a few paces toward the door, to where the carpet turns to tile, turns to face us, drops his pants, squats and rips a squealing, bare-assed, flapping-wet fart."

And after Erik read that line, he instantly wondered why none of his interviews ever began like that. Then again, I've never sat beside Jack Black. If you're a fan of Tenacious D or Black, then you simply must check out Dave Shulman's recent interview with Black and Kyle Gass in LA Weekly. It's so absurd, so non-traditional and so much fun to read ... if you're willing to check a few thousand brain cells at the door on your way in.

Shulman had one hour with the duo, and decided to go the "no questions" route -- he simply sat there, chimed in here and there, and let the boys do their thing. One of my favorite parts is where Black talks about how he gets his inspirado (or inspiration). The actor/musician referred back to an interview he once saw with David Lynch in which the director talked about sitting in his favorite chair (or as Black puts it, in his best Lynch impersonation, "chairrrr") until something popped into his brain. So Black goes, "And I employed that. I would close my eyes and put my hands on my eyeballs, like this, and kind of wait, Lynchian-style." But this also came from the guy who stepped away from the interview and pulled down his pants (twice!) to rip a loud one. Stay tuned for Cinematical's review of Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny later this week -- the film itself arrives in theaters this Wednesday.

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