I'm sorry, but I just don't get Hollywood actors. And something tells me I'll never get them. Though the script is apparently still being written, Will Ferrell recently said that he was anxiously awaiting a draft of Old School Dos (the sequel to 2003's Old School) to land in his hands. We assumed that Ferrell (along with Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn) would most likely be reprising their roles because, well, what good would a sequel be without them ... unless it was going straight to DVD. And there's no way in hell Todd Phillips would direct a straight-to-DVD comedy. Sure, his career has gone to sh*t, but his ego is wayyy too big for him to be traveling that route just yet.

Which brings us to another recent Will Ferrell interview in which, once again, Old School Dos was brought up. This time, after he talks about how he turned down a staggering $29 million to star in a sequel to Elf, the dude is asked about his involvement in an Old School sequel. Says Ferrell, "Oh, I wouldn't do another Old School. They put these rumours out there, these studio people, but I would never be behind that one." Really? Seriously? Because you once said ... eh, forget it. I don't get these people. Never will. Mr. Phillips, if you're reading, it might be time to just let this one go.

[via JoBlo]

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