Geek news I found while staring longingly at the Nintendo wiimote sitting next to me:

  • You'd better believe there is another Ghost Rider video blog up on the official site. This happens so frequently, I'm beginning to debate whether or not the update is actually newsworthy. This may be the last time you get a GR blog update from the Bytes.
  • MTV has a fun little video clip of some of the stars from The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surferdiscussing what they've been filming lately. It isn't mind-blowing, but it is worth a listen. Well, at least for the Marvel fans among us.
  • CBR says Kevin Smith is going to host another Stan Lee event. Those two have been popping up everywhere together, which is both cool and somewhat disturbing at the same time.
  • Still no ... you know ... transforming, but there is a bit of a clip from the flick up on Michael Bay's site. In actuality, it is just a cleaned up version of the one we saw recently on YouTube. Looks much nicer now, for what it is worth. (via Comics2Film)
  • Actors continue to believe we want to know their thoughts on politics. Raise your hand if you care about Scarlett Johansson's view of national policy issues.
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