You'd think the news that French censors have refused to allow Saw 3 to be screened in front of minors would throw me into violent frenzy. "How dare they separate free citizens from their god-given right to gore!" is what you might expect from me. But nope; I actually quite agree that movies like Saw 3 should probably be kept away from young kids. What's weird is that the French rule-makers didn't seem to have much of a problem with what went down in Saw and Saw 2.

Yep, bad news for young French horror freaks: Saw 3 has been slapped with the little-seen yet dreaded "18" rating, which I guess means it's been saddled with the French version of the NC-17. So to all you French parents who were planning to bring your nine-year-olds to see Saw 3, I'd recommend something like Happy Feet or Jackass 2. Apparently, the French are notoriously permissive with their movie ratings. According to reliable sources, the last under-18 ban came attached to the 2000 film Baise-moi (aka Rape Me), and IMDb research tells me that the "18" rating is indeed doled out quite sparingly.

Other films deemed "absolutely" unfit for French youth include Caligula (1979), Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and ... The Warriors (1979)? And yet Haute Tension got away with only a "16" rating? I mean, when we're talking about horror flicks, is there really THAT much difference between a 16-year-old viewer and an 18-year-old one? Do those 700 additional days really add all that much perspective? Perhaps, but I've been watching Friday the 13th sequels since I was nine years old, and I grew up to enjoy perfect mental health. At least that's what my brainvoices tell me.
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