If someone told me to scout out some scary locales for a new horror film, I'd probably think of the main aspects of any horror film, and try to fit those parameters. The place would be dark, or look intriguing and shadow-filled at night. There would be a chilling sense of isolation, whether it's because of the creepy people in the town, or the place being in the middle of nowhere. There would be mazes for villains to escape and victims to hide. Probably one of the last places I would think to use would be Miami, although those CSI people seem to have their hands full.

The sun-filled city of bikinis and roasting silicone will be the backdrop to the soon-to-be-shot horror film, 100 Tears. All we know about the plot at this time is that it covers "the depths of depravity in which the human mind can ultimately sink." That clears up all questions, doesn't it? Anyhow, the film has just got a new lead to star alongside Raine Brown, theatre-actress-turned-horror-queen -- Mungo McKay, most known for his wild, gun-toting ways in the Australian film, Undead.

I'm sure not much more news will come out until the film begins to shoot in February, but I'm all ready for the speculation. Sure, it could take place in a dingy building somewhere, or in the dark glow of night, but what if it took place among the tanners and partiers? I'm wondering if the real master of horror will be the one who makes a damn scary film in the bright, shining light of day -- and I'm not talking about the scary likes of Spice World.

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