In anticipation of the release of the Beerfest DVD (in both regular and unrated versions!) on December 5, we're bringing you one of the best prize package giveaways we've ever done for a Caption This! contest. You know the drill: Take a good look at the still from the movie above, then give us your best shot at a caption in the comments. The winning caption, as determined by either Erik's Magic 8 Ball or a team of highly-paid humor analysts (whichever gives the best pitch for why they should get the gig), will get this amazing prize package:

1 Completely, Totally Unrated Beerfest DVD

1 Navy Blue Bottle Opener Hat (Everyone who has seen this wants it!)

1 Black "Schnitzengiggle Tavern" Tee

1 Beer Mug Glasses (The kind you wear!)

1 Beautiful Beer Stein with Domed Lid

1 Alcohawk ™ Personal Breathalyzer (This is real and high-end.)

How's that for a great prize package? Four runners-up will win Beerfest Unrated DVDs. You love beer, you love Beerfest -- and even if you don't, hey, if you win you can wrap it all up and give it to your friends for Christmas. So put on those thinking caps, try out your caption ideas on your frat brothers or your mom, and get your captions in the comments. You have until midnight PST on December 5 to get your entries in.

Note:You MUST give a valid email address in order to activate your comment. Entries that are not activated by the reader will not be considered valid entries.