About a month ago Erik informed us that director Rob Cohen was preparing a movie called Rage and Fury, a film that would somehow "feature" the legendary yet still-deceased Bruce Lee. The word "feature" just kinda lingered there vaguely, and we were offered precious little additional news with which to slake our curiosity/incredulity. But in response to a script review posted over at Latino Review, Mr. Cohen has stepped forward to politely volunteer some new information...

They're going to be digitally re-creating Bruce Lee for this movie. Yes, from scratch. Like Gollum and Dobby and Aeon Flux.

Frankly I think it's nasty. I hate it when I see dead actors digitally resurrected for insurance commercials, and I sure as snot think it's kind of gross to do the same thing for a feature film. But then again, I may be asking for too much common sense from the man who directed XXX, Stealth, Daylight and The Skulls -- plus the guy already directed Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, which means that Rob Cohen is a man single-mindedly obsessed with bringing Bruce Lee back to life. Heck, maybe he could program his digital Bruce to make out with him!

For his follow-up, Rob Cohen plans to direct a musical featuring Gene Kelly, River Phoenix, Natalie Wood, Phil Hartman, Madeline Kahn and Heather O'Rourke. Think that joke's in bad taste? So do I.
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