A few weeks back we brought the word that Fox Atomic's Revenge of the Nerdsremake was hitting some seriously rocky scheduling difficulties on location at Atlanta's Emory University. With the project firmly in limbo, we had no idea if the thing was delayed, on hiatus or downright ash-canned, but now it seems that the latter is indeed the case. To those of you who simply couldn't WAIT to get your paws on the Nerds re-do, I offer my apologies: The remake looks to be dead in the water.

According to THR, Emory University booted the production after only two weeks, reportedly because they didn't appreciate the overtly raunchy nature of the production. (Quick question: Had anyone at the college either read the screenplay ... or seen the original Revenge of the Nerds? Was the college expecting a Disney flick?) So the Atomic folks tried to do some shooting at another school (Agnes Scott College), but the facilities simply weren't expansive enough to pass as a big-time party school.

With the holidays approaching, the production on hold, and all involved parties earning a paycheck, Atomic simply decided to stop the bleeding: Case and crew members have been sent home to enjoy Thanksgiving, and it looks like they'll all have a little unexpected free time for the next several weeks before moving on to projects that don't require the approval of any snippy college administrators.
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