It's inevitable, over the Thanksgiving weekend: At some point, you're going to be full. And I mean full -- loaded up with happy memories and a whole bunch of pie. What better time to throw on a long, long movie? I always wind up watching something huge during Thanksgiving weekend -- I particularly recall a carb-coma afternoon with Spartacus washing over me like a river of gravy, rich and flavorful -- and this year is no exception. I don't think I'm going to have enough time to watch The Best of Youth again -- I don't think I have that much time -- but I have been circling my copy of Nashville with a certain avaricious eye towards re-enjoying it. (Oh, and to the commenter yesterday who noted that A Prairie Home Companion is a film more worthy of Best Picture consideration than Crash, well, I have film on my teeth more worthy of Best Picture consideration than Crash. And maybe it's just my hatred of Garrison Keillor, but Prarie Home Companion drove me mad. ...) Then again, I might throw on Boogie Nights for the umpteenth time -- or even the Criterion disc of Dazed and Confused. Much like Nashville, they're both American stories, too. ...

What are you planning to watch over the Thanksgiving weekend? And what's your secret for pumpkin pie?

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