Today it was announced that Warner Brothers and Electronic Arts are developing a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game that takes advantage of all the newly-made console goodies that have come with the likes of Wii and the PS 3. As Harry grows up, so does his video world. The Goblet of Fire game bumped the Potter franchise up to "E 10+," so I wouldn't be surprised if the return of Voldemort bumps the new game up to a big ole "T for Teen." Since they plan to closely follow the book and film, I imagine that bodes well for adults who want a more mature gaming adventure.

Fans will get the chance to "ooh" and "ahh" over the scenes of the film, which will become the backdrop for the game. The press release also states that the game will follow the "thrilling adventures outlined in the rich narrative of the book." I would imagine this means they're taking the Matrix approach to gaming with this next release -- a game that fills in the blanks of the film. This might be just the key to appease fans who are upset with inevitable, disregarded pieces of the plot.

I, for one, might pick it up just to play a little Sirius Black, who is one of the available characters aside from Professor Dumbledore, and obviously, Harry himself. Dan ny Trejo has fought on the streets of New York, so it's high time for Gary .

[via Coming Soon]

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