There are oh so many ways you can spend the holiday weekend: Gorging on stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey tofu (mmmmm, tofu) till you can't possibly gorge anymore. Watching your snoring uncle try to balance that can of Schlitz on his belly while the Detroit Lions inevitably get pummeled by whoever they're playing in a game so boring you can't believe this is what you have to watch when there's a perfectly good 'Laguna Beach' marathon on MTV. Or my family's favorite: Reminiscing about a time way back when everyone in the family actually got along and spoke to one another. Sometimes we even get out pictures from that day.

But really, folks, is there a better way to spend Thanksgiving than gathering the family around the computer and engaging in a madcap contest of Insert Caption? I know, crazy question. Of course there is. But while you're here, wake up Uncle Fred, tell little cousin Sally to put down the gin already, and give us what ya got. First check out last week's winner for 'Casino Royale' (from zsxxx03, who I believe may be a porn star), then enter your caption for the photo below from 'Deck the Halls,' starring Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick. Don't be afraid to ask the fam for help. We all know little cousin Sally is much funnier when she's drunk.

Casino Royale movie

"This isn't where I parked my car."
-- zsxxx03

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This week's challenge:

Deck the Halls movie

"Join the Big Brother program today and this could be you!"

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