While Fast Food Nation might have gotten lost in the Bond - Penguin showdown of last weekend stories about the ugly side of the food business seem to be alive and well in a documentary by Nikolaus Geyrhalter. Both filmmakers made the decision to tackle the subject matter a little differently, Richard Linklater made a narrative film and Geryhalter made what sounds like the Koyaanisqatsi of food production.

The New York Times has a profile on Nikolaus Geyrhalter's film Our Daily Bread premiering this Friday in New York. The film was a success when it screened at the New York Film Festival, but there has not been any word of a wider release. The film focuses on the mechanized side of food production and the loss of connection to the tradition of farming in the new factory-style system. Geyrhalter's film does not use traditional interview segments and voice-overs; instead the film uses pure visuals to get the point across.

Considering Geyrhalter has made a film that is half abstract art film, and half documentary, the film might have trouble finding an audience in either camp. It also might be possible that audiences are becoming overwhelmed by all the bad news in documentary film lately, and when it comes to what's on our dinner plates, is it just easier to tune it all out?
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