I've always been a big fan of director Tony Scott. While his big brother Ridley is the one who seems to get all the awards and respect (which is what'll happen when you direct Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator), Tony seems more than content to keep churning out his own distinct brand of hyper-stylized, ultra-slick and testosterone-heavy action flicks. Two of Tony Scott's biggest hits, Top Gun and Days of Thunder, rank among my least-favorites examples of the man's work, but if you look back through his filmography you'll notice titles like Man on Fire, Spy Game, Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide and True Romance, all films that improve upon repeat viewings and always have a welcome home in heavy rotation on HBO and Showtime. Even the guy's relative failures (The Last Boy Scout, The Fan, Domino) are entirely watchable and strangely compelling failures.

So when I noticed that the latest Denzel Washington cop flick was directed by Mr. Scott, I immediately switched over from mildly interested to actively intrigued. Toss in the fact that Deja Vu was co-written by one of my favorite Popcorn Movie scribes (Terry Rossio, of Shrek, Zorro and Pirates), and I was officially looking forward to Deja Vu -- and that's even before the trailers switched over from "cop thriller" to "cop thriller with a sci-fi twist." (Rossio's co-writer, Bill Marsilii, makes his big-screen debut here.) Also helping to stir the pot is producer Jerry Bruckheimer, which basically means a movie might be really dumb, but there's very little chance it'll be dull.