Ah, Turkey Day ... my house smells like roasted turkey (although my enthusiasm for eating turkey today has been dampened somewhat by my five-year-old demanding a detailed explanation about just how exactly two happy, alive turkeys with friends and families, dreams and goals, became turkey corpses sitting in buckets of brine in our lean-to laundry room). The pineapple is perfectly suspended in its lime-green gelatin home, the yams are ready to be immersed in butter and brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice -- and I'm slurping down my second coffee of the morning, and banging out this post for you before I get elbows deep in the dressing. I was pondering last night how many movies -- not just movies with Thanksgiving dinner as the centerpiece, but just in general -- have pivotal scenes or themes around eating.

Kevin posted his fave "films for foodies" earlier today, but in honor of a day set aside for stuffing ourselves silly, I thought I'd offer up a little round-up of some of my own favorite movies that focus on eating in slightly unexpected ways. When you're done eating Thanksgiving dinner, why not cozy up with one of these films? They're sure to keep you more awake than yet another football game.
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