Food has been an important part of films ever since Charlie Chaplin made his dinner rolls into dancing shoes in The Gold Rush (and don't forget the Thanksgiving shoe dinner from that same flick). Since then we've had scenes ranging from the classic turkey scene in A Christmas Story ("Sons of bitches! Bumpuses!"), to the extremely erotic (and messy) kitchen scene with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks.

We've also had films where the focus is on food exclusively, or the cooking. It's a bit strange watching a movie that features food as a central part of the plot, because you'll eventually find yourself wondering when the film will finally end so you can go chow. The day that a filmmaker shoots a movie that focuses on popcorn and sodas, watch out concession stands. It'll be on onslaught of ravenous people, marching like zombies towards the smell of fresh butter and the hiss of carbonation rushing through plastic tubes. They'll sell one hundred times more snacks than they will tickets -- a theater owner's delight.

These are my seven favorite movies that are either about food, or feature them in a way that is integral to the plot. In fact, if I can get through this entire post without my stomach growling, I'll be impressed. With Thanksgiving upon us, and everyone focused on eating, you might consider renting one of these movies to watch before your turkey dinner in order to get the juices flowing. By the time everything comes out of the oven, you should be well-prepared and ready to wolf down the goods.
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