Given that it's Thanksgiving and that I'm in a cheery sort of holiday mood, I thought I'd relax today and look at some of the food movies that are currently playing.

I'm thankful for Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation (321 screens), which could have been another preachy, sociopolitical treatise on how badly big corporations, organized religion and crooked politicians are screwing up the world. Of course, this film is as angry as all the others, but Linklater knows how to package it and to make it as entertaining as his other multi-character piece, Dazed and Confused (1993). This film is bold enough to ask: what can we actually do, or should we bother to do anything at all? Of course, there's no edible food in this movie, but I'm thankful for Bruce Willis' great scene as a cattle supplier, scarfing down a giant cheeseburger (with a beer) and casually telling fast food burger chain rep Don Anderson (Greg Kinnear) that a little cow excrement in our burgers isn't going to kill anyone.

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