Coming to you directly from Cinematical's WTF department comes this story from USA Today about a woman in the Philippines that perhaps takes the movies a little too seriously. According to the article, Philippine authorities on Tuesday foiled an attempt by the woman to smuggle more than 100 poisonous snakes and lizards onto a plane bound for Thailand. Luckily, an alert airport x-ray technician spotted what he thought was a snake in one of the woman's two large suitcases and alerted airport security. Give that guy a raise.

When the suitcases were confiscated by airport security and opened, authorities found dozens of soft drink and water bottles inside and sacks containing 50 monitor lizards, 39 cobras, 21 vipers, 20 other smaller lizards and 2 iguanas. Man, that's a lot of mother f-ing snakes, isn't it? Perfecta Hinojosa, regional technical director for the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources, said that the snakes are considered "threatened species" but there is a large market for them in Thailand for use as medicine, food and even pets. On the black market, the snakes could fetch tens of thousands of dollars, she said.

So, what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? I'm thankful for not having to fly on a plane with some crazy woman and her suitcases full of snakes. Thanks to an alert x-ray tech, some other people in the Philippines get to be thankful for that too. The woman who was allegedly attempting to smuggle the snakes was held for questioning by authorities but as yet, has made no statement. The snakes had no comment either.
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