When a movie is as awesome, celebrated and profitable as Jonathan Demme'sThe Silence of the Lambs is, it shouldn't come as a shock when the thing gets a "double-dip" on DVD. (Hell, even flicks like American Pie 2 have been re-released on DVD a half-dozen times!) If you're a hardcore fan of the multiple-Oscar winning horror thriller, then you almost certainly own a copy of the DVD already. But which one? Maybe you have the (now out-of-print and rather valuable) Criterion Collection edition, which offers a phenomenal audio commentary but a non-anamorphic transfer), the Image DVD version (bare-bones, bleachy and mercifully out-of-print as well) or MGM's really solid Special Edition from a few years back. (That's the one I own.)

But since MGM recently signed a home video deal with Fox, you can expect a bunch of their high-end A-list titles to get a digital re-issue some time soon. Case in point: On January 27 you'll be able to purchase an all-new Collector's Edition of The Silence of the Lambs, which, don't forget, was the first film to win the "Top 5" Oscars since 1975's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. (The only other film to accomplish this feat was 1934's It Happened One Night.) I remember being absolutely thrilled when Lambs mopped up that Oscar tele-cast, just like I was elated when Sigourney Weaver earned a nomination for her work in Aliens, basically because I like it when horror films are treated like, y'know, legitimate movies.

So yeah: One of the finest and creepiest serial killer thrillers ever made is about to hit DVD for the fourth time. The new 2-disc set looks to be a Lecter fan's new obsession: Three documentaries, several featurettes, 22 deleted scenes, outtakes, trailers, a booklet and some Hannibal Lecter recipe cards. (Yep, recipe cards.) Unfortunately, Criterion still owns the rights to their superlative old commentary track, which means it won't be appearing on this new release. Darnit.
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