While I wasn't aware they were doing this, Fox aired a bunch of clips from Spider-Man 3 last night during their showing of Spider-Man 2. Of course, those clips have since popped up on YouTube -- and, conveniently, they've all been smashed together into one long preview of sorts. What do you get? Well, there's certainly a lot of Venom black Spider-Man suit thingy, a bunch of shots from both the real and the leakedSpider-Man 3 trailers, as well as some more from James Franco (aka Harry Osborn) as the Green Goblin, part deux.

If that's not enough to satisfy your thirst for more Spidey, two new teaser posters have also been released. Both show that familiar image of Spidey up against a glass building, his reflection being that of Venom. The other poster (as seen to the right of your screen) reverses that. The good thing about Spidey 3 is that it's arriving in theaters on May 4, which is way better than, say, having to wait until the middle of July for this sucker. Imagine you fanboys faced with a decision to either see Transformers (which debuts on July 4) or Spider-Man 3? Thankfully, you won't even have to go there ... though something tells me Spidey would win that one by a mile.